a Music Photo Exhibition

at The Bernard Shaw from 26th Jan until Feb 21st 2016

If you were there they’ve probably been there too, but it’s unlikely you even noticed them* and you certainly wouldn’t have seen them after the third song.

This group of photographers who, for the best part of a decade, have been shooting gigs far and wide, now present a collection of live music photographs under the banner of ‘What We Did In The Shadows’ – a title that nods to that barely lit gap between performer and audience where nothing else matters or even exists outside of those initial manic moments.

While their photographs have been separately published in Hot Press, RTÉ, Rolling Stone, State, The Irish Independent, The Sunday Times, Q Magazine, The Sunday Independent, The Sunday Business Post, Goldenplec and The Thin Air, this exhibition will showcase each photographer’s unique viewpoint in the hope that you will be brought back into their version of that world of shadows and sound.

*(Leah Carroll , Lucy Foster, Kieran Frost and Colm Kelly.)

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